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Payment Terms Payment is done in the Accommodation Facility.

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InFranzensbad emerged as an autonomus municipality and obtained town privileges three years later. You may also opt out of these news at any time at https: In case of certain bookings, in particular in case of group bookings the Accommodation Facility or the Hotel.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was one of the most famous guests of the early days, whose visits to Franzensbad with Johannes Urzidil sms rychle půjčky extensively reported in the book Goethe in Böhmenrevised andand Ludwig van Beethovenaccompanied by Antonia Brentano and her family. These General Business Terms and Conditions are applied whenever the Contract or another written agreement between the Parties hereto fails to contain another arrangement.

Franzensbad offered one of the first peat pulp baths in Europe, popular especially with female guests.

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Aboutan inn was erected at the site of a mineral spring later known as Franzensquelle. The sources from which, according to ancient law, water was drafted and brought to the city, were first used locally for salutary purposes. History[ edit ] The salutary effects of the surrounding springs were known from the late 14th century on.

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Until it was part of the Bohemian crown land of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Cancellation Policy and Complaints 5. Spa[ edit ] Glauberovy prameny Franzensquelle The local natural mineral water has a relatively high content of dissolved carbon dioxide.

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The contract relation between the Hotel. The consent shall be directly or implicitly expressed by the customer by continuing in a phone conversation with an employee of the Hotel. After the Velvet Revolution ofa stock company was established which has sought to reimprove the status of Františkovy Lázně as a venue for international guests.

The Client shall inform the Provider about all changes of the booking or about its cancellation in writing. The writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach perpetuated her stay in her early work Aus Franzensbad in It is situated in the Ohře river basin, north of the regional capital Cheb Eger.


During the process of confirmation of the booking the Client is informed about the requested guarantee by the credit card or about the advance payment. The spa facilities were nationalized under the rule of the Communist Party.

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Contract relations between the Parties hereto are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic.