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These General Business Terms and Conditions are applied whenever the Contract or another written agreement between the Parties hereto fails to contain another arrangement. The price depends on the chosen term, number of persons and on other parameters specified by the Client in the Inquiry Form.

České Budějovice in the next permanent procedure turned into the largest and most populous place in South Bohemia.

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Payment Terms Payment is done in the Accommodation Facility. In case of certain bookings, pujcim penize ceske budejovice particular in case of group bookings the Accommodation Facility or the Hotel.

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The Client shall inform the Provider about all changes of the booking or about its cancellation in writing. Řeznická 7, 01 Liberec, tel.: The cancellation terms are regulated by the Accommodation Facility itself; if the credit card guarantee is applied, costs of the first night will be charged in case of no-show.

The ordered service is binding at the moment of phone or written confirmation of the order by the Client and the Provider mailing the Accommodation Voucher to the Client. During the process of confirmation of the booking the Client is informed about the requested guarantee by the credit card or about the advance payment.

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All social and sporting events, concerts, theater, exhibitions, celebrations and festivals, fairs, or other cultural events in České Budějovice are clearly displayed by type or pujcim penize ceske budejovice of event. Client — natural person or legal entity ordering services offered by the Accommodation Facility.

Cheap accommodation in České Budějovice provide not only pensions but also hostels and campsites.


Sights, attractions, cultural events tips for trips, or the possibility of accommodation in Pujcim penize ceske budejovice Budějovice, all can be found at the tourist portal Visit České Budějovice. Cancellation Policy and Complaints 5. We offer a comprehensive information service about České Budějovice. The contract relation between the Hotel.

Complaints about quality of accommodation and services rendered by the Accommodation Facility shall be raised directly in the Accommodation Facility.

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You may also opt out of these news at any time at https: Today is the city of České Budějovice administrative, economic and cultural center of South Bohemia. Contract relations between the Parties hereto are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic. Personal Data Privacy 6. The consent shall be directly or pujcim penize ceske budejovice expressed by the customer by continuing in a phone conversation with an employee of the Hotel.

Individual provisions of these GBT can be changed or cancelled in the Contract. Process of Ordering Services and Payment for them 4. Ordering The Client expresses his interest in the service by mailing the Inquiry Form.