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Each time Angie gives up on becoming a chiropractor, a few months later she considers taking the Boards again. Fairy tales can come true After the stepdaughters are unmasked, the prince asks the father if he has another daughter.

The closer we get to a fairy tale's source text, the stranger its plotline and symbols, making it more like real life, tangled and curious, with loose threads that beg to be pulled.

There's never just one.

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Enter the South Node. He's the part of us that's focused, determined, has powerful resources, and believes in our creative gifts. Moving in the direction of the North Node can get you back on track. Her South Node is in independent Aries in the partnership-oriented 7th house.

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He also wants to write editorials that will change people's minds and save the planet. If the prince hadn't gone looking for Cinderella, she might still be cooking, washing dishes, and sleeping in the ashes.

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Those with the Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer will likely struggle with issues of nurture, authority, and parenting, no matter which is their South Node sign.

The energies of both sides of the polarity often need to be rebalanced in some way. Sometimes it whispers, sometime it shouts, but always it points us toward growth.

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It's challenging to layer self-reliance on top of neediness in a single placement, but Angie's history does it neatly. I like magic formulas. Now all the prince needs to do is find the foot that fits it.

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Together they represent her seed capsule-the gifts and limitations Cinderella must break through on the way to reaching her full potential. The 7th house Node is often needy and dependent, and tends to compromise itself via a belief that others are more capable or important.

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The South Node's influence is like Cinderella's two mothers combined: Directly opposite the North, its house and sign represent the "home" that keeps pulling us back. But one of her biggest resentments is that her father put her brothers through college, yet when it came Angie's turn, her father had remarried and was unwilling to help her out.

Doing so may just unravel our own archetypal dilemmas. In many versions of the tale, the prince sends his servants to scour the land.

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That's the communication orientation in his 3rd house. You'll learn about the astrology particulars—the new moon and solar ingress, how these influence your chart, along with moon phases, moon voids, moon signs and house transits.

Running home just doesn't make sense. The heavens would sing as I stepped up to claim it, pulling my destiny sword from its stone with miraculous ease. But by the third dance, the prince has wised up. This means we'll get many North Node recognitions in a lifetime.

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The night before she died, Grandma drove to Angie's house, headed straight for Angie's crib and picked her up, announcing she was passing on the healing gift. When friends visit, Lisa greets them as honored guests, making them feel quite special and important. Maybe you astonish your parents with a precocious vocabulary or even write dozens of plays at five years old.

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That's the North Node. I was successful in school, always in leadership positions. I wish him the same success on his next round of North Node dreams! With that touchstone, we could start the work on getting past them.

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In the Grimms' tale, the prince hands the shoe directly to Cinderella's father, who takes it straight to his overjoyed stepdaughters.